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One of the more esoteric features of ASP.NET is its ability to run outside of IIS. Specifically, it supports a hosting framework (within the System.Web.Hosting namespace) that enables you to run it on top of other web servers, within command line ex
Extended Description 
The below sample demonstrates a simple way to process ASP.NET requests within a command line exe (MyHost.exe). When run, MyHost.exe spins of ASP.NET (threadpool and all) and interprets each parameter to the executable as a URL request to a local file. It then outputs the content back to the console window.

To try this out, perform the following steps:
1)Copy The MyHost.cs and Test.aspx files to a local directory
2)Compile MyHost.exe by typing “csc MyHost.cs /r:System.Web.dll” within a command prompt in the directory
3)Type “MyHost.exe Test.aspx”

One interesting use of this functionality is to “pre-process” dynamic ASP.NET requests – saving the output as static .htm files that you then prop onto a server. You can do this with MyHost.exe by “pipeing” the output automatically to a static file. For example:

MyHost.exe Test.aspx > Test.htm

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Hosting;
public class MyExeHost : MarshalByRefObject {
public void ProcessRequest(String page) {
HttpRuntime.ProcessRequest(new SimpleWorkerRequest(page, null, Console.Out));
public static void Main(String[] arguments) {
MyExeHost host = (MyExeHost)ApplicationHost.CreateApplicationHost(typeof(MyExeHost), "/foo", Directory.CurrentDirectory);
foreach (String page in arguments) {
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Peter's Data Entry Suite from PeterBlum.com

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