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Date: 3/1/2005
Subject: Daily Update Tuesday, March 01, 2005
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Daily Update    Tuesday, March 01, 2005
aspNetEmail - The leader in .NET Email
aspNetEmail - The fastest, easiest way to send email in .NET
aspNetEmail includes built-in calendaring, vCard, email templating,
emailing web pages, automatic form processing, email datagrids, and much much more.
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New and Updated Resources
Scarlet Knowledge Base  2/28/2005 website
Scarlet Knowledge Base Ver. 1.0 is a fully integrated knowledge base solution that can be added to any web site supporting ASP.NET. It comes with a full fledged administration module to allow you to maintain your own knowledge base.

MonoX  2/28/2005 website
An advanced visual portal engine developed in .NET. Accepts custom modules built using VB.NET, C#, Delphi or any other .NET language.

Understanding the Profile Object of ASP.NET  2/28/2005 website
The new ASP.NET Profile Object will be a good companion to the Session Object and will allow Session to focus on security and Profile to focus on state.

Persistent Object Store .NET Edition  2/28/2005 website
Using Servertec Persistent Object Store developers can easily create standalone database applications that run on any platform that supports Microsoft's .NET Framework version 1.1 or later.

ASP.NET Issue Tracker Released  2/28/2005 website
Microsoft has released the final version of the ASP.NET Issue Tracker Starter Kit. The Issue Tracker Starter Kit is a free application produced by Microsoft which illustrates best-practices when building ASP.NET applications. Both VB.NET and C# sou ...read on...

Structs in C#  2/28/2005 website
Explains differences between classes and structs, and how to use structs.

Custom Validation Summary in ASP.NET  2/28/2005 website
Replace the ugly ValidationSummary control text with your own, customizable popup summary window.

ASP.NET's Data Storage Objects  2/28/2005 website
Learn about the five powerful ASP.NET storage mechanisms, and how to quickly identify which to use for a given situation.

Using strongly typed collections with the ASP.NET DataGrid control  2/28/2005 website
An article on using strongly typed collections with the ASP.NET DataGrid control.

EndorMedia Shopper: Your .NET eCommerce Solution in 24 Hours  2/28/2005 website
Complete online store for less. Amazon.com-like features, but only basic HTML knowledge required for customization. Browser-based backend administration. Wishlist, coupons, discount groups, related products, product reviews and ranking, and more.

Most Popular Resources Yesterday
Free Crystal Reports Tutorial website
Viewing Crystal Reports on the web, using the CrystalReportViewer ASP.NET control website
XML Data Files, XML Serialization, and .NET website
An Introduction to Programming Outlook 2003 Using C# website
A comprehensive view of SharePoint, Part I website
aspNetEmail website
Obtaining Active Directory User Information Using System.DirectoryServices website
Using XSLT and .NET to Manipulate XML Files website
Security Features in ASP.NET - Authentication website
WebCombo.NET version 2.0 website

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